STEEL F - 114 (XC 45)


This is the material used in our standard catalog or rate bars. It is also used in the manufacture of 90% of special spindles. We have this material permanently in STOCK from Ø12 to Ø100 to be able to give a faster service to the client.

  • Tensile strength (N / mm2): 686 - 834.   
  • Elongation%: 14-16.
  • Brinell hardness HB kg / mm2: 200-24.

Properties: Material of good resistance. It admits welding, although worse than F111 because it has a higher% carbon. Good friction behavior. Good material for tempering and tempering getting high tenacity. The elastic limit of tempered and tempered carbon steels is much higher than that of standard steels.

Applications: Machinery parts with 60-80 kg / mm2 resistors, such as shafts, connecting rods, cranks, sleeves, screws, other machinery elements, railway equipment etc.