We manufacture precision spindles from the client plane from Ø12 to Ø100, with the ends finished (lathe operations, milling, grinding, etc.) and in various materials such as F114, F125, ETG 100, etc.

We get a minimum adjustment between the spindle and the nut, this allows the whole to work at high speeds. The trapecial spindle + nut set is the substitute for expensive ball screws in many applications. Our spindles are intended for all types of applications such as: machine tools, wood machinery, valves, elevators, irrigation gates, hammers, agricultural machinery, actuators for photovoltaic panels, construction machinery, etc.

Guaranteed accuracy in diameters:

  • In diameters <50 mm: 0.03 / 300 mm.
  • In diameters> 50 mm: 0.06 / 300 mm.